Sharpermead - Photos and Thoughts from Scott Harper

July 18th, 2016 Imke and I went for a hike from the Riffelriß up over the Riffelscharte and then on down through the Höllentalklam to Hammersbach. We took the first train up to the Zugspitze and got off at the Riffelriß before the main tunnel begins. The hike up to the Riffelscharte was beautiful with a difficult section of scree before getting to the Klettersteig. Up top was amazing. The clouds were amazing and moving very quickly. That made it very difficult to make the panos come together for the sky (I lost patience in blending the clouds seamlessly). The walk down was hard on our knees and feet. We need to get into better shape. We are not young and fit anymore. At least we don't think of ourselves as old. We took it very slowly stopping to take photos as we felt like it. We saw lots of wildflowers, a few birds, insects (spider mite, spider mite doing what a spider might), and one Gams (I am using the Bayerische word - Gämse is Hochdeutsch - chamois is English; I have never used chamois before so I will stick with the Bayerisch). We made it to the Höllentalangerhütte around five o'clock and drank a nice Weißbier and then walked on down to Hammersbach where we got a ride with Steffi because we were completely done in. Thank you Steffi for picking us up!





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