Sharpermead - Photos and Thoughts from Scott Harper

Imke and I went to my Grandma's interment and celebration of life in Boise, Idaho. We had a great time with relatives reminiscing about Grandma at the Idaho Heritage Inn. We were able to catch up with a few friends and eat some food that we have missed since we moved away. All in all, it was a short trip to Boise and I didn't pull out my camera at all; not even for the deer by the Walker family headstone at Dry Creek Cemetery. On the way back to Germany we stopped in Iceland for three days. Unfortunately, I caught a bug in Boise and it started to show on the flight to Iceland. We started off at the Blue Lagoon with a floating massage and soaking half a day in the geothermal salt water. The second day we went on a tour of the south coast with Moonwalker Tours. Thank you Bessi, we had a great time. This is the only day of the trip that I used my camera. I was feeling sick and took about 900 photos; most of them were for panoramas. I am still sick two weeks after I left Boise as I write this. The weather and lighting were tricky for photography and I was not feeling well so I was not paying enough attention to the camera settings, but I was able to take some good photos nonetheless. It is good to be back home, but I am still not feeling well and the weather outside is perfect. Oh well.


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