Sharpermead - Photos and Thoughts from Scott Harper

I will add a few 360 x 180 panos and descriptions when time permits.

Here are some of my photos from the G7 Summit in the Garmisch-Partenkirchen area. It has been an interesting week with bits of hot, sunny weather mixed with rain and thunderstorms. The daily routine in Ga-Pa was greatly interrupted by over 20,000 police in town and the surrounding area. They were very professional and courteous to most people - quite the opposite from public opinion towards the police forces in the States. I saw many people just having conversations with them on the street. That being said I was not in any areas where there was friction between the police and demonstrators. Regardless, it is an unnerving feeling when there are more police in an area than residents. A large portion of the local residents fled Ga-Pa which made it seem like a ghost town being over run by the police.

This photo here is a large panorama (~150 photos, 1 exposure) of the Wetterstein mountains. I included it because it does show a decent size group of police cars by the Eckbauer, at least one police helicopter, and it shows some of the best weather during this spectacle. I just missed the demonstrators marching through Wamberg; they were somewhere in the trees when I started making this panorama.

Click on image to open viewer with zoom and panning controls. This image has 899 million pixels in it.


On the Wank Seilbahn between the Talstation and Mittelstation. The demonstrator's camp can be seen near the bottom center of the valley side window.

On the Wank Seilbahn between the Mittlestation and the Bergstation.


Demonstrators are slowly filtering in while the police and everyone else wait for them.


Waiting for the Demonstrators.


More waiting. This time the mood is very unnerving. It was very weird to walk through the police line into the middle of the intersection to take this pano.


Demonstrators march past small, unenthusiastic crowd.



This pano was accidentally taken at different heights. I think it has an interesting effect.




The images below are general interest shots. Descriptions to come later.



A thirty second clip of a near endless stream of police cars. I wish I would have started from the beginning. Just think Blues Brothers.