Sharpermead - Photos and Thoughts from Scott Harper

Imke and I went for a hike on June 25th up to the Kramerspitze. There are some good photos in this album and some that have a soft focus, but shows some of the wildlife that we saw. Great weather when we started out, but the clouds came in and it warmed up a bit too much for us. A good day though.



The photos below are 360 by 180 degree panoramas. They will open in a new webpage with controls to change the view.

On the way to the Stepbergalm



On the way to the Stepbergalm



At the Stepbergalm



Behind the Schmalbichl Bankerl



At the Schmalzbichl Bankerl



Kramerkreuz Plaque






Just under the Kramerkreuz





Here is a high resolution photo of the Alpsitze from the Stepbergalm. It will open in a new page with zoom and navigation controls.